lenovo-laptop-b50-topLenovo laptops have quickly gained popularity in their recent introduction into the laptop market place, they are receiving rave reviews and come from a reputable name, IBM. IBM released these quality laptops at a very affordable price around five years ago and they have continued to gain popularity and top notch reviews from not only customers, but quality testers as well. IBM has been in the computer business basically since the start of the computer business, so they know what the customer wants and how to get it to them in an affordable and all featured package. In order to help you capitalize on all the deals available for these great laptops, we have some of the best deals that can get you a Lenovo laptop under $500.

These are not your “budget” lot of PC’s either, they were originally priced much higher and have all the features of the higher end laptops, but here you can simply find the best deals. Whether through a rebate or through a bulk buy option you will find the best price and be able to get your hands on some Lenovo laptops for under $500. If you want a great laptop for office needs, to work from your house, or to simply store family moments and have leisure time around your house, one of these laptops will be great for you.

All of the laptops have been quality tested and will come to your door in pristine condition, and you will not have to deal with the hassle of pushy salesman trying to get you to throw another half the price of the laptop in for an extended warranty with so many loopholes it will make your head spin. If you are unfamiliar with a Lenovo laptop, it is time to get acquainted with one of the largest retails of consumer pc’s and enjoy the quality and performance these laptops deliver to you.

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