There are many word processors that are available for the Windows operating system. Many people are familiar with Microsoft Word, but there are many alternatives that are available. Consumers can review a few options to use when purchasing a cheap laptop. There are many programs available that are often free to use.


Anyone who is looking for a replacement for Microsoft Office needs to consider OpenOffice. This is a word processor that offers the same functionality as Microsoft Word. Documents are able to be printed or saved as a PDF. A consumer who has a cheap laptop can easily download this program. There are an assortment of features available based on the type of document that is needed. This is the best option to include on any system that is running Microsoft Windows.

Google Docs

Users can access this free work processor through Google Drive. There is 15GB of free storage for any documents and files. Man documents are easy to use due to a clean design. Another benefit is an ability to sync documents across multiple devices. This includes a desktop computer, a tablet, and smartphone.


This program is available for iPad users which includes a variety of formatting options. Any document that is created in this program can easily be viewed in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. There is also a convenient option to sync documents with iCloud, Dropbox, and other cloud applications.

KingSoft Office Writer

Documents that are created with this program are fully compatible with Microsoft Word. This offers an individual who has a cheap laptop an option to create a document when at home. Many people who are using inexpensive laptops often do not want to spend the money for an expensive office suite. One way to share documents with co-workers to send a resume for a job is to have a program that can work with a Microsoft Office application.

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